Mini Massage   30 mins $45
Swedish: 60 mins $75 / 90 mins $105
A relaxing massage using effleuage and petrisage strokes.
Deep Tissue: 60 mins $85 / 90 mins $115
Very deep work concentrating on target areas for total relaxation.
Hot Stone Massage:  60 mins $100
Native American therapy combining warm basalt lava rocks with gentle massage to gently relax and de-stress the muscle tissue and the mind.
Aroma Therapy Massage 60 mins $100
A relaxing and gentle massage using custom blended oils to balance and calm the spirit and body.
Reflexology: 60 mins $85 / 90 mins $125
Pressure point therapy on the feet to treat conditions throughout the body.



Mini Body Polish 40 minutes $75
Head to toe body exfoliation, relaxing application of vitamin enriched body cream.
Seaweed Wrap 90 minutes $145
The skin is exfoliated and then wrapped in rich active seaweed mud to de-tox the body with applications of body cream to finish.
Moisturizing Body Wrap 90 minutes $145
The skin is exfoliated and then wrapped in a moisture rich nutrient mask to soften and smooth.  Application of body cream to finish.
Back Facial 60 minutes $90
This treatment includes an exfoliating body brushing, gentle blemish extraction, and a nourishing mask, followed by a light back massage.